Established in 2004 S4B Digital Multimedia Technology Development Ltd. (S4B Digital) is a service company P & D Asset SuperBid Maisativo Intermediation Ltd (SuperBid). The SuperBid was founded in November 1999 by a group of entrepreneurs with experience in auctions public officials.

In 2005 and 2006 Superbid received the Quality Standard Award in e-business B2B Magazine for contributing to the development of e-business and business and strategies for the improvement of corporate relations and internal business processes of enterprises and their value chain (brief citation from B2B Magazine).

The platform developed solution is characterized by a set of systems and infrastructure that allow the official holding auctions in person and via the Internet simultaneously. The pioneering this form of auctions by using a scalable technology platform, secure and transparent, introduced the "Concept of the Official On-Line Auction", resulting not only as a technological revolution, but cultural as well for buyers sellers and large companies that no longer used the traditional auction in light of traditional practices harmful this ancient form of negotiation.

Some landmarks of Superbid in simultaneous auctions with extensive use of the Web as a channel of communication and interaction were:

- First Official Auction Online Real Estate in Brazil, to Unibanco (November 1999).

- First Official Auction Online of Vehicles in Brazil, for Banco Itau (February 2001).

- First Official Auction Online of Machinery and Equipment in Brazil, for Cia Vale do Rio Doce with outposts in Vitória/ES, Carajás/PA e São Luis/MA (June 2002).

- First Official Auction Online of "e-gov" in Brazil for the State of São Paulo, CPTM - Paulista Metropolitan Trains Cia (May 2003).

- Large Auction of receivership of Banco Santos - more than 20,000 parties, record number of participants in Brazil in a single auction (May 2005).

About Us

The S4B Digital Multimedia Technology Development Ltd is the technology company responsible for developing systems and computational solution for all - premium quality standard tool in auction in 2006 by B2B Magazine - to conduct electronic auctions adopted by Superbid, Canal Judicial e Superimóvel.

We used the S4B Digital, a systems development methodology based on Agile Methods and the Unified Process involving the disciplines of Business Modeling, Planning, Requirements, Analysis and Design, Testing, Implementation, and Deployment. The activities of systems development follow best practices proposed by the most reputable process standards, with full adherence to the requirements defined by key areas of capacity model in CMM Level 2 and 3.

Our technology environment, while using various technologies, based mainly in Java/J2EE platform solution and open-source tools like Eclipse, Trac, Subversion, Jameleon, in addition to Linux, Apache and JBoss application servers in clustered environment. We also use some proprietary tools such as Enterprise Architect and Oracle 10g database architecture and design of layered systems.